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One of the most down to earth people you'll meet with a true passion for art, Alis Ellis is the truth! Her art is powerful with every piece having an interesting backstory or inspiration behind it. She is capable of bringing any vision you have to life and doing it exceptionally well. Want to see eyecandy on a canvas? Trust in her like many have. She won't let you down!

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Meet the Woman Behind the Brush and Art:


Alis Ellis Her first time painting was in elementary school, back when art was a special elective that we had once a week. An art teacher asked for her and a couple of other classmates to paint a mural on the cafeteria wall. It was at that moment that she first sought interest in art, but the summer of 2019 is when she absolutely fell in love with art and painting. NC-based artist, Alis Ellis, creates custom canvases and makeup looks that leave one awestruck.

When you review her Instagram, you’ll see a few of her pieces in which she creates for a commission! Her canvases speak volumes!! Not only does she create each one from scratch (or sketch LOL), but she creates each piece with intentionality and determination whether it is for a commission, entertainment, or practice. Art is her passion and peace. She feels, “Art is a form of therapy to me, and when I paint nothing in the world matters but me and the paintbrush. I also just love creating something that people can love and appreciate.” When you see her art, you will see a plethora of concepts and unique ideas. She creates all kinds of art, however, she does have a specialty with creating canvases featuring women. Her primary niche focuses on the beauty and grace in women’s bodies, but many of her commissions focus on all things art and fun! So check her out today! 

~Alis Ellis





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