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CT Designs


Looking for jaw-dropping art? You're on the path reading this. Working on her craft for hours every day, Cindy Trejo is one of the most well-rounded artist you will come by. Creating tattoo designs, logos, paintings, you name it and she got you. Simple. Her prices are fair compared to most but the quality exceeds the bunch. Add some of her art to your life and it will surely liven up your spirits.

Personal Message

Hey! Welcome to my art page! My name is Cindy Trejo Mendieta and I am a senior at East Carolina University. CTDESIGNS is an art business that I launched months ago to show the world my artistic abilities. My business provides a variety of options to represent all forms of art. For Example, I take custom painting requests, shoes, logos/ music cover art, anime collections, and tattoo designs. I hope you enjoy my art and I hope to inspire your inner artist!

~ Cindy Trejo Mendieta



Shoe Customs

Pricing & Policies

For All:

- A starting fee of $20 must be made for me to begin your order. The $20 fee is part of your total, it is NOT AN EXTRA FEE!

- Shipping isn't included

- $50 insurance for all projects

- Full payment must be made before shipping

- $20 skipping fee (if project is needed soon this applies)

- I accept cash, Apple pay, CashApp, and Venmo


- Starting price is $60 for simpler designs

- Price does increase based on the amount of details requested

- Please send REFERENCES and IMAGES to support your ideas

- Using references allows me to put together all of YOUR ideas and CREATE 


- Logos are sent through GMAIL (JPEG)

- Don't be afraid to ask me to change or edit anything!!!


- Portraits START at $100 but price can go up depending on how detailed the portrait is.

- Two of my most common sizes are 16x20 and 22x28. I ACCEPT requests for other size canvases

Custom Shoes:

Custom shoes are CLEANED and PREPPED before any paint application. Once the design is done, I coat with conditioner, shoe balm, and rain and stain resistant spray.


The amount of times the shoes are worn and how well they are taken care of will determine how long the paint will last. Angelus Shoe Paint can last so long... so TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMS!

- Simple Design start at $80

- Price is determined by the amount of detail wanted

- Touch ups are $20

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