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Goodies N' 2 Shoes

"Aspire to Inspire your peers"


Let's get one thing straight, Goodies N' 2 Shoes(G2S) is a LIFESTYLE. This is one of the most dynamic brands bringing you a variety of content ranging from clothing, to exclusive interviews from familiar faces in sports, music and the entertainment industry. In a little over a year, G2S has worked hard to bring different looks to their collection. You might stumble upon rare vintage clothing or maybe a quality urban look. Regardless, you CAN'T go wrong at Goodies N' 2 Shoes!

Personal Message

Our vision is to have Goodies N' 2 Shoes synonymous with the culture. We want to be a truly interactive business accessible by all, for all. We can’t do this without your help. Tell us what you want to see from us. Are there items that you want to see more of? Maybe you want to see an interview with your favorite artist or athlete? Let us know through our various platforms. Take part in shaping the culture and become a part of the Goodies Family. We are Goodies N' 2 Shoes and this is our Lifestyle.

~ Goodies N' 2 Shoes


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Goodies N' 2 Shoes
Goodies N' 2 Shoes

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