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Journe1 Athletics

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I will be opening the largest and most prolific performance institute in North America.  So come along for the Journe(1) if you'd like.

Mission Statement:

Fully integrated and working from a relatedness motivation mindset.  Where we satisfy all an athlete's needs;  educational, physical, mental and social.  One stop shop to become the best athlete possible.  Excellence in every facet, building a family through athletics

~Ahonoré Varner


In a world of fugazi, you come across very few that are real. Ahonore Varner, CEO of Journe1 Athletics, is as real as it gets, combining hard work with dedication and passion. His motivation to bring the best out of your body is unmatched and his expertise in this field is advanced. Beware, he will push you to limits that you have no clue about, but the gains and rewards will forever be worth it. Invest in yourself by connecting with Journe1 Athletics and you can make your dream body a reality!


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