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Wassup, I’m a artist emerging from Charlotte NC and I go by the name Jwitdaguap. Guap is something that is deeper than money but still similar too your drip and your style. I embrace being myself and relating to others. My music is a vibe and it’s really me. Follow me on all socials.



A product of Charlotte, JWitDaGuap is as humble as they come. One of the most consistent artist with his content, it's a no brainer he takes his craft serious. His patience, hard work and dedication is reflected in his tone and he's hungrier than ever. Unlike most, he's not the "fake it til you make it" type, he's determined to bring his authenticity wherever he goes. Whether you become a fan now or a fan later, one things for certain, you'll become one.  

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Breaking Necks
Bendin' Franks


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Any Man
Aint No Extra

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Sincerely Guap
Aint No Extra
Bendin' Franks

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