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Hello, I am Kailyn Marcano your CEO to the small business KLuxeAllure. I bring to you all my natural products. All of my products are handmade, and organic to your benefit of care. All of my products are Non GMO or preservatives. Also, I am a certified lash technician which services you the best treatment for Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lash Sets. Thank you everyone for supporting! 

~Kailyn Marcano

KLuxe Allure


Its 2020, you can't be walking around here looking like the before picture in an Acne commercial. KLuxe Allure will for sure get you that after picture look with products guaranteed to enhance your skin. With smooth skin products and voluminous, jaw-dropping lashes, only good decisions can be made from this page. Kailyn Marcano, CEO of KLuxe Allure, is a certified lash technician that provides services for Greenville and Raleigh, NC. Booking with her could be the best decision you've made this week.


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