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Melanin Tendencies


If you truly care about enhancing your health, you will shop with Melanin Tendencies. They have a variety of products to help with the overall quality of your hair and skin. This is essential for us minorities and will ultimately benefit us long term.  Vii Perdomo, CEO of Melanin Tendencies, is a promising business women crafting each individual product by hand. As well as the hair and skin products, she has extended her services with hairstyling! Check out her extremely affordable prices below! Collecting a solid following base since launching this summer, the best has yet to come...

Personal Message

Thank you for considering Melanin Tendencies for your self-maintenance needs! All of our products are homemade with natural, non-toxic ingredients, and always have been. Before Melanin Tendencies was established, our CEO enjoyed a hobby of making hair and skin products for her family/friends and herself. As a practitioner of holistic living, health is a top priority! What better way to feel healthy than to look healthy? The least of our worries should be having to question what exactly is being absorbed by our bodies when we pay for, and therefore expect, good quality products. Melanin Tendencies is here to show the melanated community that our options are not slim, and it is possible to maintain beauty on a budget!

~Vii Perdomo




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