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SkyGlamour is looking to give glamorous a whole new meaning. A multipurpose brand geared to bring the best in your beauty and health, this is the prototypical one-stop shop. After officially launching in the summer of 2020, SkyGlamour is ready to make its mark! They offer EVERYTHING! Hair, nails, skin treatment services, you name it! With affordable prices and a variety of services, look for SkyGlamour to make a huge leap in 2020.  


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Personal Message

I am a student-athlete at East Carolina University, pursuing a Criminal Justice degree with a Business Administration minor. 


I want to be able to provide affordable services and products that will keep you feeling GLAMOROUS.


My goal is to connect with my clients so that they feel comfortable while receiving any services from me. I am a service provider, but I am also a FRIEND!


~ Skyler Parks



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