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Sun-Kissed Swimsuits

Personal Message

Hello my name is Hannah, I am the CEO of Sun-Kissed Swimsuits by Hannah, where you can find the unique swimsuit that best fits you!


I developed a passion for swimwear in the 5th grade when I began a long journey of competitive swimming. Searching & discovering unique swimsuits became my ultimate passion

When I created this brand I wanted to utilize this opportunity to empower & uplift every person I came in contact with. My desire is to provide unique swimwear to women. 

In the summer of 2019, I took the step to officially launch and introduce Sun Kissed Swimsuits. The task of running an independent business, while also being a full time student is a heck of a journey, but nonetheless very rewarding. 

Stay tune for new releases!! 

~ Hannah Witcher


If you're going to wear a swimsuit, you better look good in it. Don't waste your time looking elsewhere, Sun-Kissed Swimsuits has exactly what you NEED. Hannah Witcher, CEO of Sun-Kissed Swimsuits, is the mastermind behind the apparel and she is determined to bring the best quality each year. Every swimsuit in this collection is guaranteed to make you look like a walking dime. With great color schemes, dynamic designs and sporadic sales, I would honestly question your cognitives if you didn't want to get Sun-Kissed.

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