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Growing up, I watched my grandma share her delicious food and love to the community. Taste is why I came up with Taste of Puerto Rico. With my passion of cooking, I want to share my talent and passion with the community. Taste of Puerto Rican and Caribbean cuisines. Weekly updates will be posted!

~ Ashley Martinez


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Taste of

Puerto Rico


If you're looking for a spin in your diet this is the place. A homemade style of rich Puerto Rican food with recipes past down from multiple generations, Taste of Puerto Rico is geared to bring your taste buds a delightful sensation. The menu is customized weekly to give you a variety of options throughout the year so check in. As well as pickup, Taste of Puerto Rico has an advance delivery system. This place is a must try. Without a doubt, you will be coming back! 

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Stay tuned for weekly update menus! 


Pickup/Delivery Service Available!

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