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Trent Jones is as well-rounded as they come with abilities to excel in front of and behind the camera. A multitalented artist in the making, Trent can capture your best moments, feature as a model and can produce dynamic graphic designs to your liking. This is a natural born artist with a down-to-earth personality that makes working with him easy and enjoyable. If this doesn't make him an enticing vendor, check out his affordable prices.

Graphic Designs/Photography

Personal Message

My love for photography started in high school once I joined my schools yearbook team and my interest grew since then. I received my own camera in 2018 and i've been shooting ever since. The photography class I took in Fall 2019 taught me a lot about my camera so I plan to do more shoots within the next few years.

If you want to book a shoot, contact me!

Also, I am a current Graphic Design student here at East Carolina University. I've been doing Graphic Design for about a year and a half and I only hope to grow more. Contact me if any of these designs interest you and you would like your own!


~ Trent Jones


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